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s/m fetish bondage hardcore dominant submissive music

"Alluringly and coherently designed, Smut Picture Racket is an aggressive, female-centered, artistic stab into the eye of the largely bland, male-dominated multimedia interzone..."
Dan Dinello - Alternative Press

smut picture racket - master/slave relationship

The sad reality: with technological advancement comes obsolescence. This cd-rom was created in 1995 during the early stages of mass computer popularity. Because of this, this cd-rom may not play on newer computers. It won't play on an iMac running OS 10. I'm not sure about PCs. It's a collector's item that is almost sold out, but because of the potential obsolescence I am selling this cd-rom at the discounted price of $8 post paid in the USA. Maybe I'll put the novel online one of these days so you can read it - in all it's perverse glory.

ah... yes, the description
This S/M fetish, bondage, interactive CD-ROM from 1995 commemorates ten years of Debbie's Master/Slave Relationship with music, digital video, photography and a 161-page S/M digital novel - over 600MB of material on one disc. Very fetish-oriented, very perverted, very unusual.

As seen in Skin Two and Skin Two Online, Taste of Latex, PC Magazine, Alternative Press, Wave, Microtimes, Computer Currents and many more publications world wide! Plus, after only a month in release, SPR was exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in an installation as part of the Utopia/Distopia exhibition in 1995. If you haven't seen SPR, you haven't seen anything on your computer.

SPR is about deviation from the norm. It's about music and emotion. It's about control and letting go. It's about all the things other CD-ROMs don't even come close to -- things other CD-ROM companies are afraid to explore. They wouldn't even dream of it.

You won't find another CD-ROM that even comes close to this one in content and approach. In addition to the content, this project is unique in that Debbie did it all herself -- from interface design, digitizing images, sound and video, to authoring and programming.

This was not a team project. It was the vision of one woman, created entirely by one demented determined woman.

Where did the title come from? In the Ed Wood film "The Sinister Urge" the uh-hem "cinematographer" character is named Jaffe and they refer to a "smut picture racket" many times and I found it amusing. I'm also a big Ed Wood fan. So it seemed fitting.

PLEASE NOTE: this CD-ROM was created in 1995 and technology has changed so much that I'm not sure what computers it will or will not play on... so.... I'm selling this for the historical value only.

ORDER SPR CD-ROM for $2.95 plus shipping

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