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My very early work - circa 1981 - 1987 - with Hal McGee, as VISCERA, and before, is now available as free downloads direct on Hal's site. Highly recommended.

From Hal's website:
We chose to use the name Viscera because we wanted to create works that were as direct and straightforward and "from the gut" as possible. We strived to scrape away artifice, to get to the root, the core, the essence of existence - to baldly express our personal sense of the politics of experience. What did it mean to exist?

Debbie and I were broke and depressed and both more than a little crazy. But there will never be another time like it. Our intuitive collaborative powers were at an all-time high (a truly invigorating, joyful, creative feeling!). We knew each other so well that we could complete each other's sentences.

The bed, floor and chairs were littered with hundreds of books, tapes and scraps of paper on which we had written poems, tracts, manifestos. The words poured out of us as we tried to make sense of our lives and the struggle of existence...

each release is a free stream:
(via Hal's website - new window opens)

In A Foreign Film
A Whole Universe of Horror Movies
Who Is This One
Get In The Action
Hot And Cold

the hard hand to hold

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