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"Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene"
Even though it appears Debbie has taken a hiatus from the experimental scene Cybertzara/ have taken the wise decision to reissue her Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene. Throughout the early to mid-nineties under the guise of Master/Slave Relationship released such delights as This Lubricious Love and A New Explanation For Decadence. Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene was borne out of a desire to produce something specifically for S/M play that lent the proceedings an atmosphere and attitude.

I'm in no way involved in the S/M scene so I can't really say whether this works or not but Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene is deliberately minimal. It threatens and seduces, with mammoth swathes of ambient keyboards, and the swish of percussion. In many ways it compares with Coil's How To Destroy Angels, which isn't too surprising as both are concerned with sexual energy. Debbie's been active in the S/M scene for well over a decade and most recently released a CD-ROM.

- Tony Dickie Compulsion online

Debbie was featured in Alternative Press in the mid-90s:

MSR in Alternative Press

"Jaffe has done something here that caught me completely off guard, and I like that. There are thoughts and questions in the liner that give me a cool little shiver when I contemplate them... There is movement and passion as well as honesty and search for self in a sub-culture that is not openly accepted in the world at large... A project like this takes guts and DJ has my respect." Joe Lyon YOUR FLESH #26 p125.

"...she is harsh, blunt -- and challenging... I found her work to be thoughtfully executed musically, with an excellent ear for atmosphere... A question persists; once you've gone all the way, where do you go then? Over the edge, perhaps... Now THAT would be interesting." GAJOOB #7 p61

"Debbie Jaffe is a person who understands her desires and fully intends to fulfill them. A Madonna for the deviant underground perhaps?" John Everall, MUSIC FROM THE EMPTY QUARTER (UK) #5

"Pop music has always been about sex anyway, but the topic is usually handled in a coy, juvenile manner. Even Prince resorts to euphemism and innuendo. Jaffe comes at the topic with her gloves off: no cute melodic hooks, just pure wet obsession." Jim Aikin KEYBOARD Magazine May 1991 p17

"Si le sexe reste l'objet et la reference pricipale, la haine, l'angoisse, l'exces, la torture transpirent egalement au long de la douzine de compositions. La musique, quoique mieux structuree par raport aux realisations anterieures, reste difficile d'acces... Fantasmagoriquement fatal." Eric Therer RITUAL

"She is the master of the music she creates -- yet a slave to its primal rhythms and metallic melodies... it all combines to project a very dark sexuality that makes Madonna look like Mr Rogers in drag..." Mike Hovancsek PROPAGANDA Magazine issue #20 p48

"With her flanged keyboards and her steady but cold rhythms she manipulates what must be the darkest fears of men: the temptress with the knife hid up her.. whatever... (her vocal style) isn't an easy thing to describe; but she is the great seductress, better than Lydia Lunch even, and she never lets you forget it." Carl Howard UNSOUND Vol. 3 Number 1 p71

"... touch, erotic, poetic, driving... MSR aren't afraid to go into forbidden or dangerous territory, and they invite you to join them." Richard Kadrey WHOLE EARTH REVIEW Fall 1991 p94 and COVERT CULTURE SOURCEBOOK published by St Martins Press 1993

"Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene"
Debbie is the mistress behind the ambient darkness of MSR. Developing a love for Industrial in the early 80's, Debbie has been creating music for over a decade. 'Scene' contains nine majestic tracks of fetish electronics that czress th e listener into a seductive submission. Her soundscapes hint of deviant sex in basement playgrounds. Intended as atmosphere for S&M play, 'Scene' is enthralling and subversive. What it lacks is the pretentiousness often associated with the latex crowd. Debbie approaches her talented endeavors with honest sincerity. This multi-talented woman has also written essays on deviant sexuality as well as designing and developing her own multi-media CD-ROM. The CD booklet contains a sample of her sexually disturbing photography. Master/Slave Relationship is sure ot please lovers of dark electronics as well as those desiring discipline. There is little doubt that Debbie is among the handful of strong, uncompromising women in underground music today.

-- Chad Hensley, TERRORIZER magazine from the U.K.

Debbie was featured in Skin Two:

WAVE magazine July/Aug 1995 (about Smut Picture Racket)
"...Debbie has laid her psyche, her genuine desires down onto this disc, and invited those with brains and balls enough to come inside..." Richard Kadrey

MICROTIMES Northern California's computer magazine August 21, 1995
" Debbie is a powerful, creative woman... Obscurity is part of Debbie's artistic style and she's quite expilicit about it, she doesn't like spoonfeeding people or making things too easy for them..." Jonathan E.

"...makes you feel like yr head's trapped in a freight elevator whooshing towards nowhere real fast..." Byron Coley

OPTION Mar/Apr 1988
"...This unique music reflects her sincerity and ability to deal seriously with a subject that few others have the nerve to." Jack Jordan

♦ Debbie was featured in Esoterra Magazine. There is an interview and an article written for Esoterra by Debbie herself.

♦ "SCENARIOS: special WIRED edition" magazine listed Master/Slave Relationship's Music for a Sadomasochistic Scene in the Colophon as "music that helped get this issue out" ..... cool!
♦ Skin Two featured a double-page spread on Debbie/Cybertzara in issue #18, out now!!! Also check out their cool web site - Skin Two Online Webzine Volume 1, Issue 4 October 95. Get information at: SkinTwo.
♦ Richard Kadrey of HOT WIRED/COVERT CULTURE did an interview on 10/4/95 with Debbie - read it here.

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