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I created Master/Slave Relationship (MSR) in Autumn of 1984 as a one-person industrial noise music and photographic project to explore my own interests in elements of emotional domination and submission, sex, and fetish obsessions. For more than twenty years I have self-produced a unique brand of industrial music and art. In that time I've released more than ten cassettes, one vinyl LP, five CDs and one CD-ROM. MSR has never performed live and has no intention of ever doing so. MSR was conceived primarily to express and explore my interests in extreme behaviour and thought.

From 1984 to 1988 I created music as Viscera with Hal McGee and together we created Cause And Effect which was a cassette-only music mailorder outlet in the Midwest. During that time we sold over 10,000 cassettes via mailorder before the days of the internet (yeah you had to write for a catalog through the postal mail and wait a week or two to receive it then send a check in the mail to place your order, no internet, imagine that). Learn more about this formative period of my life here (new window opens).

Prior to my Viscera days, as a teenager, I spent a lot of lonely days and nights in solitude in my room creating countless novels, stream of consciousness writings, lyrics, music, and artwork. My voracious appetite for reading books on all sorts of subjects insatiably began during this time, thus laying the foundation of my self-taught do-it-yourself philosophy.

Speaking of being totally self-taught, I am an artist, musician, photographer, and graphic designer - self-taught in all these areas of endeavor. I am proficient in Photoshop, Macromedia Director, hand-coding html in BBEdit, Dreamweaver, print pre-press process (Quark) and web design and development. The computer - specifically the internet and Apple - changed my life. I've been online since 1993 when I got my first computer, a Mac Quadra 900 which at the time was top of the line and cost a small fortune with an incredible processor speed of 25 Mhz with a whopping 50MB of ram - those were the days. I love doing web design and everything you see on this site was created by me.

I currently work at the company I founded, Cybertzara, out of the 1,700 square foot studio that adjoins my house in Arizona. I started Cybertzara as a way to explore my love of technology and computers; blending it with my love of music, art, film, and creativity. I work on a 24" iMac and a G5 - though I also have two PCs which get minimal use. The server that hosts all Cybertzara sites is run on Unix FreeBSD and is colocated in California (with gratitude to Nicole my Systems Admin).

I am dedicated to releasing music and art that fights the banal and mediocre in today's watered-down mass media, and I'm dedicated to giving the music listener and art collector some things to think about instead of anesthetizing them into complacency. How I hate to spoonfeed.

My interests are more varied and wide-ranging than anyone could imagine and include a keen interest in mid century modern art and style, Dada, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp, Man Ray, abstract expressionism, the infinite power of the subconscious mind, all forms of music, all things Apple including iPod iPhone iMac and iYouNameIt. I'm always learning, exploring, reading about new things and ideas. As if all that isn't enough, oh, yeah, I also own and operate a heavy metal music mailorder and record label which I started in 1996 called

2008 UPDATE: I have been concentrating on visual art for the past few years and I have new abstract expressionist artwork and in 2008 I am working on new music and films. My art is available as high quality Limited Edition signed giclee fine art prints, with an emphasis right now on abstract expressionism.

As much as I am interested in so-called peak performance and perfection, I am intrigued by doing just the opposite. I'm intrigued by fucking things up. Yet I'm obsessed with making things perfect. Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with perfection that fucking things up seems so attractive to me. This site is about my art and the stories of my life and the outrageousness of thought that always seems to work it's way into my mind.

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