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The Desire To Castrate Father


"11 songs of aggressive electronic rock. Heavy rhythms are processed with delay, echo, and tape manipulations."

This was originally released on cassette in the USA by the infamous cassette-only label owned by myself and Hal McGee, Cause And Effect, in 1985. It has been out-of-print for more than a decade.

Sometimes melodic, sometimes a bit noisy, but always sexy and provocative! I play keyboards, clarinet, and of course, do all vocals. Rhythm is provided by Mark McGee on live (real!) drums. I asked Mark to play the drum parts to many different well-known heavy metal songs, I multi-track recorded them, took it home and recorded new interpretations of these song on top the drum tracks. In fact, the finished songs are not recognizable as the original metal songs.

There are 11 tracks - the VERY FIRST tracks recorded by me (Debbie) as Master/Slave Relationship back in late 1984 and released in early 1985. This is where it all started. There was no Master/Slave Relationship before this release.

The Desire To Castrate Father
The Desire To Castrate Father

Track Listing:
  1. Digression
  2. Rotating Bodies Explode
  3. By Force
  4. The tongue everywhere
  5. Sauve Qui Peut
  6. Wanting More
  7. I Feel Sick
  8. Getting Old
  9. Enjoy Yourself
  10. The Impossible Man
  11. Fits Of Rage

total running time: 35:00

sample clips:
sample 1 "By Force" - MP3
sample 2 "Getting Old" - MP3

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