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Semi Automatic Manstoppers


This was originally released as a cassette only in 1992. It has been out-of-print for more than a decade and is almost impossible to find.

I have decided to re-issue this release in two formats: free streaming and downloads via Bandcamp.

This release was one of my most vicious aural assaults on many different fronts including a good dose of strenuous noise music and feminist philosophy.

Semi_Automatic Manstoppers

Track Listing:
  1. Coming Down Hard
  2. Men of Privilege
  3. Blood Bath
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. 10mm Control
  6. Blood Bath USA
  7. Disdain For Function
  8. Semi-Automatic Manstoppers

total running time: 44:00

sample clips:
sample 1 "Blood Bath" - MP3
sample 2 "Semi-Automatic Manstoppers" - MP3

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