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This Lubricious Love


"...Debbie is a person who understands her desires and fully intends to fulfill them. A Madonna for the deviant underground, perhaps?..."

Sometimes shockingly sexual depictions of erotic and sadomasochistic visions by Deborah Jaffe who is MSR, this CD will knock you out of your complacent mindset.

Crossing industrial music, art, and extreme sex imagery and longings, this album will leave it's mark on you. For fans of Sutcliffe Jugend, Whitehouse, and Diamanda Galas.

This was originally released as a vinyl LP by RRRecords in Massachusetts. This version has been remixed and is co-released by RRR and MSR.

This Lubricious Love
This Lubricious Love

Track Listing:
  1. The Pain of the Chains of Love
  2. Woman with Black Leather Mask
  3. Hate Love Dream
  4. What Did You Do (Part 2)
  5. The Perfect Ass Fuck
  6. Ten Inch Candles
  7. This Lubricious Love

total running time: 56:00

sample clips:
Darkness "Woman With Black Leather Mask" - MP3
This Lubricious Love "What Did You Do Part 2" - MP3

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