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Throwing It To The Wind


This was originally released on cassette in the USA by the infamous cassette-only label owned by myself and Hal Mcgee, Cause And Effect, in 1986. It has been out-of-print for more than a decade.

Don't let the pink cover fool you.

This release has an interesting story behind it. I was living in Indianapolis Indiana and I had just finished mastering this release from 4 tracks to 2 track stereo. We lived in a duplex apartment - essentially a house with another house attached to it on the side - and I decided to listen to it very loud in my living room late at night, almost midnight. I sat down on the couch which was in front of the large living room windows and cranked up the volume on the stereo. I sat there listening.

About mid way into the last track on Side One, "Sex War", I heard an extremely loud explosion coming from outside. I turned to look out the window and saw huge 50 foot tall flames spreading upward toward the sky coming from the neighbor's garage across the street. Clearly the garage had violently blown up.

We had an undeserved reputation in that neightborhood as being "satanists", not because we were, and not because we exhibited any indications to that effect, but solely because we had a proclivity for wearing black clothes. In Indy in 1985 wearing all black meant you were a satanist plain and simple.

After the garage blew up there were rumors in the neighborhood that we had caused it to happen by shear force of will, or by shear demon possession gone too far or too intense. I always knew it was my music, played loud and evil, that surely caused the garage to blow... ha ha ha

Listen to it loud at midnight and see what happens.

Throwing It To The Wind
Throwing It To The Wind

Track Listing:
  1. throwing it to the wind
  2. tunnelvision
  3. sex war
  4. the secret place
  5. missing the mark again
  6. scene

total running time: 30:00

sample clips:
sample 1 "Sex War" - MP3
sample 2 "Scene" - MP3

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