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being led around by the tongue


"...pop music has always been about sex anyway, but the topic is usually handled in a coy, juvenile manner. Even Prince resorts to euphemism and innuendo. Debbie comes at the topic with her gloves off: no cute melodic hooks, just pure wet obsession..."
-- Jim Aikin, Keyboard Magazine

There are 12 original tracks recorded in 1994 and released by Debbie in 1995 on the Cybertzara label.

Recorded after moving to San Francisco. Topics range from censorship, freedom, Jesse Helms, and personal strength.

This CD is now out of print and will not be manufactured again. The original CD is currently SOLD OUT.

Being Led Around By the Tongue Cover Image

Track Listing:
  1. Hexus Sexus
  2. The Desire to Castrate Father
  3. 5 February 1916
  4. My Pleasure Should
  5. Pornographic Women
  6. Force
  7. Navy Blue Urinal Dervish
  8. Excess. Freedom. Anger.
  9. Wet
  10. Where Will I Put My Viscera When I'm Through With It?
  11. Electricity
  12. Tongue Me

total running time: 55:00

sample clips:
Hexus Sexus "Hexus Sexus" - MP3
My Pleasure Should "My Pleasure Should" - MP3

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